Furniturindo Gemilang

Who are we

Surya Furniturindo Gemilang is a wood working manufacturer located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

We have 2 workshops, one in Palu (Central Sulawesi) for manufacturing solid wooden door, frame, wooden ceiling. The other one is in Surabaya for finishing of wooden products

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What We Make

We produce solid wooden doors, frame/jamb, architraves, wooden ceiling and decking. We use Canarium wood from Burseraceae family. Our selected wood is better in quality and texture than any other kind of wood you have seen. All our wood is kiln dried by steam boiler system until 8-12% moisture content

We also offer hand made wooden crafts made of dried light wood using welding process produced by skilled artists.

Innovation in door design

We create new and innovative designs for your main door by combining wooden material with decorative stone marble (5-7 mm thick) or slate stone / peeled stone (2 mm thick). This combination produces unique and elegant design suited for main doors to your house.


Exported to Multiple Countries

Our doors and frames already exported to Japan, Mauritius, Oman, Malaysia, and India. Our wooden and rattan furniture already exported to Belgium, Timor Leste, France, Syria and Libya (before the civil war)

It's a premium minimalist and classic solid wooden door that brings an elegant atmosphere to your home or project, from selected canarium wood


Great & Awesome Works